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video: Ty Segall + White Fence :: “Scissor People”

[directed by Michael Reich / learn more about Room205 here]

White Fence announces tour with Oh Sees, new double LP (mp3)

White Fence has announced the expected release date of the first album of a new double LP; on April 3rd, Vol. 1 of Family Perfume drops on Woodsist with the second record coming later in the year. “It Will Never Be” is the first single from that release. In addition, the band will join Ty Segall and The Oh Sees for a pre-SXSW tour, starting March 3rd at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall. But tickets for that here.

White Fence // “It Will Never Be (edit)”

White Fence Tour Dates

March 2 San Francisco, CA—Great American Music Hall (#)
March 3 Los Angeles, CA—The Troubadour (#)
March 8 Pioneertown, CA—Pappy and Harriets (*)
March 9 Las Vegas, NV—Beauty Bar (*)
March 10 Albuquerque, NM—Launch Pad (*)
March 11 Denton TX—35 Denton Festival (*)
March 13-16 Austin, TX—SXSW

(#)= w/ Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, Feeling of Love
(*) = w/ Thee Oh Sees

listen: Mikal Cronin // “Am I Wrong”

February’s Bruise Cruise Festival, which will be hosting SF rockers Mikal Cronin, Thee Oh Sees, and The Togas — a supergroup cover band consisting of Ty Segall, Shannon Shaw, and Ryan Sambol among others– is releasing a 7″ to mark the event’s second year of existence. Mikal and King Khan and the Shrines appear on the split; listen to Mikal’s contribution, entitled “Am I Wrong” below.

And here’s a promo/teaser clip for The Togas:

Positive Destruction albums of 2011

The Bay Area absolutely smashed it in 2011, with some of our favorite artists releasing amazing albums, EPs and cassettes that we’ve been listening to endlessly this year. It was incredibly difficult to cull the past 12 months to our favorite 15 releases, but we did it anyway. Check them out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

15 The Sandwitches // Mrs. Jones’ Cookie

The Sandwitches //

The Sandwitches // “Joe Says”

14 Bare Wires // Cheap Perfume

Bare Wires // “Cheap Perfume”

Bare Wires // “Ready to Go”

13 King Lollipop // Woodland Whoopee Songs

King Lollipop // “Cheeseburger and Fries”

King Lollipop // “You Will Never Find Me”

12 Pamela // Pamela is Hungover

Pamela // “Lie Down (Eye Contact)”

11 Weekend // Red

Weekend // “Hazel”

Weekend // “Sweet Sixteen”

10 Wet Illustrated // Wet Illustrated

Wet Illustrated // “Gypsy Town”

Wet Illustrated // “Claws”

09 Ty Segall // Goodbye Bread

Ty Segall // “Goodbye Bread”

Ty Segall // “You Make the Sun Fry”

08 Swiftumz // Swiftumz

Hunx collaborator Christopher McVicker managed to release one of the most understated albums of the year under the moniker Swiftumz. “Don’t Trip” is an immersive collection of hazy, moving jams that transcends the limits of bedroom pop.

Swiftumz // “4EVA”

Swiftumz // “Angelita”

07 Rank Xerox // Rank Xerox

Rank/Xerox // “Sterile Regions”

Rank/Xerox // “Nausea”

06 Blasted Canyons // Blasted Canyons

Never before has an ode to weed and ice cream sounded so raw, explosive and all-together effortless.

Blasted Canyons // “Ice Cream Man”

Blasted Canyons // “Death and a Half”

05 White Fence // Is Growing Faith

White Fence // “And By Always”

White Fence // “Lillian (Wont You Play Drums?)”

04 Ty Segall // Singles 2007-2010

Ty Segall // “Bullet Proof Nothing”

Ty Segall // “The Drag”

03 Wax Idols // No Future

The debut LP by Wax Idols features singer/songwriter Hether Fortune elevating the charming pop sensibilities found on her earlier work to a complete full-length, with lyrics veering from the lovesick to the macabre.

Wax Idols // “Gold Sneakers”

Wax Idols // “Dead Like You”

02 Mikal Cronin // Mikal Cronin

This scuzzed-out compilation of pop songs marked a solid debut album from Moonhearts/Ty Segall collaborator Mikal CroninUnexpectedly wistful and incredibly catchy, this is a record we’ve been spinning endlessly.

Mikal Cronin // “Get Along”

Mikal Cronin // “Apathy”

01 Thee Oh Sees // Carrion Crawler/The Dream

Thee Oh Sees scorched through 2011, releasing two mind-blowing full-length albums and a singles only double-LP all while maintaining a frenetic touring schedule that recently concluded (with Total Control). Carrion Crawler/The Dream was announced only a few weeks after Castlemania, and proved to be the “pummeling” record John Dwyer promised it to be. An instant classic and our unequivocal favorite record of 2011.

Thee Oh Sees // “The Dream”

Thee Oh Sees // “Carrion Crawler”

mp3: Mikal Cronin // “You Gotta Have Someone”

Here’s the rollicking b-side to a new 7″ by Mikal Cronin, due out before the end of the year on Goner Records.
Mikal joins Shannon and the Clams and his tourmates in Pangea at El Rio in the Mission this Saturday before embarking on a west coast tour. RSVP here.

Pick up Mikal’s excellent s/t debut album over at Insound.

Mikal Cronin // “You Gotta Have Someone”

What’s going on this week?

[Tijuana Panthers @ KSCR Fest]

Lady Lazarus, Pregnant, Jib Kidder @
Hemlock Tavern, 9pm

Water Borders, King Dude @ Elbo Room, 9pm
Violent Vickie, Primary Colors, San Cha, Hungry Ghosts @ The Uptown (Oakland), 9pm
The Tambo Rays, Little Hurricane, Musical Chairs @ Hotel Utah, 9pm

Too Short @
The New Parish, 10pm [rescheduled]

The Entrance Band, Matt Baldwin @ The New Parish, 9pm

Mikal Cronin, Shannon and the Clams, Pangea @ El Rio, 9pm [mikal cronin on tour]
The Papercuts, Dominant Legs, Tim Cohen @ Rickshaw Stop, 9pm
Tijuana Panthers, The She’s, Melted Toys @ Bottom of the Hill, 10pm [the she’s record release]
Wax Idols, Burnt Ones, Manatee, Cruel Summer @ Vitus (Oakland), 9pm [wax idols’ record release]
Weekend, Terry Malts, Extra Classic, Sleepy Sun @ Verdi Club, 2pm [the bay brewed]

Cass McCombs, White Magic, Liza Thorn @
Great American Music Hall, 7pm
Peach Kelli Pop, The Wrong Words, PreTeen @
The Knockout, 6pm [early show]
Thee Oh Sees, Total Control, Bronze, The Mallard @ Verdi Club, 9pm

cool 2k11

NME recently put together a “cool list” of music makers and shakers for 2011;  GorillavsBear did a good job ripping it apart in their list and perhaps pointed out the obvious in stating that making “‘cool lists’ is not really that cool.” Nevertheless, here’s our Bay Area version. Let us know what you hate in the comments.

10 Shiv Mehra // Creepers

Creepers // “Spiral”

09 Corey Cunningham // Terry Malts

Terry Malts // “Tumble Down”

08  Lars Finberg // Thee Oh Sees

Thee Oh Sees // “The Dream”

07 Mikal Cronin

Mikal Cronin // “Get Along”

06 Mark Tester // BURNT ONES

Burnt Ones // “Do the Spell (Loud)”

05 Robbie Simon // Wet Illustrated

Wet Illustrated // “Gypsy Town”

04 Tim Presley // White Fence

03 Blasted Canyons

02 Chris McVicker // Swiftumz

Swiftumz // “Angelita”

01 Mike Donovan // Sic Alps

Sic Alps // “Breadhead”