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PosDes + Speakeasy Brewery Present: Terry Malts, Uzi Rash, Synthetic I.D., Yi

We are honored to present one of the arguably tightest live bands in the world at the moment, San Francisco’s very own Terry Malts, Saturday May 26th performing live at another esteemed SF institution – Speakeasy Ales & Lagers Brewery. The Malts will be joined by a fantastic supporting local line-up: Oakland’s Uzi Rash, punk outfit Synthetic I.D., and Yi.

Our buds at Speakeasy have made it possible for this to be a free + all ages event and will be showcasing some of their own brews during the event. Doors at 4pm. RSVP for the afternoon show here.

Terry Malts :: “Something About You”
Terry Malts :: “Nauseous”
Uzi Rash:: “Swamp Walk”
Synthetic ID :: “Throwaway”
Yi: “Total Shit System”

Positive Destruction turns 1 year old

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Positive Destruction, and we couldn’t be more stoked to celebrate it by announcing our next showcase, co-hosted with buds at Decades Magazine  Saturday, May 19th at Thee Parkside. More details coming soon.

Pick up tickets here.

RSVP here.

march 2012 mix


Positive Destruction March 2012 Mix (76 mb)

[right click-save as to download]

01 Chasms :: Headwound/What’s Real [excerpt00:00
02 moonbell :: Nothing Less 01:34
03 Fine Steps :: Tomorrow for All of Today 05:34
04 Blasted Canyons  :: Holy Geometry 08:20
05 Ty Segall / White Fence :: I Am Not a Game 11:49
06 Permanent Collection :: In My Head   15:43
07 Monster Treasure :: Our Minds 20:01
08 POW! :: Hanging Out (At Home) 23:40
09 Ty Segall  :: It’s a Problem 25:55
10 Grass Widow :: Goldilocks Zone 29:30

[previous monthly mixes] 

What’s going on this week?

[Acid Baby Jesus in Athens, Greece]

Religious Girls, Brainstorm, Colored Girls, Creepers @
Vitus, 7pm 

Sleepy Sun @
Amoeba, 6pm
The Mallard, Small Sur Ava Mendoza & Patrick Mullins @
Amnesia, 9pm 
Grace Woodroofe, James and Evander, U.S. Royalty, Positive Destruction (DJ Set) @ Brick and Mortar Music Hall, 9pm  [free]

Cults, Spectrals, Ms. Magician @
Great American Music Hall, 8pm

Cults, Spectrals, Ms. Magician @ 
Great American Music Hall, 8pm
Lenz, Permanent Collection, Tint, Jealousy @
The Knockout, 10pm

Acid Baby Jesus @
Hemlock Tavern, 6pm

Bronze, 3 Leafs, Dark Materials @
63 Bluxome St, 9pm
Thee Oh Sees, Sonny Smith, The Mallard @
The Lab (2948 16th St.), 8pm 

Bear in Heaven, Blouse, Doldrums @
The Independent, 8pm

album pick: Royal Baths – Better Luck Next Life

by Sky Madden

With a stinging vengeance comes Better Luck Next Life from the Kanine imprint (great releases this past year from Young Prisms, Surfer Blood and Dream Diary). On their sophomore effort the Royal Bath boys Jigmae Baer and Jeremy Cox evince more of their gloomy catharsis. Always dependable for not being blissed out, but rather strung out, blacked out and freaked out, the new cuts here delve further into the rabbit hole. On BLNL they do what it is they know best by taking refuge in the bonfire and finding safety in harms way. And in taking comfort with discomfort, the Baths come on strong, straight out the gates with opener and first single off the album “Darling Divine.” Wrapped in bent notes and vocal snarls, “Darling Divine” is Next Life’s prologue, a kiss off for what’s to come of the Royal Baths newest chapters on damaged love and depravity.

The Royal Baths mythology comes to life on Better Luck Next Life with the vocal play between the two, which is eerie as the they often mimic each others’ intonation and timbre. The constantly hard rolling rhythm section makes a cold bed for Baer and Cox’s prophetical vocals, sometimes softly spoken or dismissively rattled off with sinister confidence. On songs “Faster, Harder,” “Nightmare Voodoo” and “Map of Heaven” their kaleidoscope reflects dystopic scenes, casting images of high heels walking in the opposite direction, bedroom abuse and blackened intimacy, that complicate the idea of pleasure. The lyrical bravado and restless instrumentation on “Be Afraid of Me”  calls to mind the experience of involuntary twitching while falling asleep or just starting to regain consciousness. This is to say that for all the destabilization of guitar and vocal battles on BLNL  there are areas of meditation, moments of transportation. The angular pierce of Cox’s bizarre scale crawls are back too. He’ll solo in and out of verses, playing at speeds conjuring a freak vibrato that races against Baer’s howling, effecting the sound frequency of bow to violin. There is a sweaty, closed fist, “Fuck yes,” instance of this on side A track “Burned” where the two drown each other out in sound.

The recording is the band’s cleanest, warmest yet featuring a new a version of “Black Sheep.” Better Luck Next Life is a grinning nightmare for fans of shamble pop or anyone who’s survived a two-faced girlfriend. If Better Luck Next Life is on in a room near by and you’re sitting down you’ll stand up. If you’re in a coma, you will be shaken out of it.

“Do you think I don’t know what’s wrong? It is me.”

Royal Baths // “Darling Divine”

Ty Segall + White Fence LP collab announced

[photo by Ruth Swanson]

Stoked to hear more about this since Ty Segall dropped some hints a few months ago – thanks to Spin, we now know that the duo’s collaborative effort, entitled Hair, features Tim Presley on lead guitar/bass and Ty on drums/guitar. The album drops sometime in April on Drag City and will be supported with a tour that starts in SF Friday March 3rd at Great American Music Hall. Buy tix for that here. Ty also talks up his new solo album, due out in September, as “sounding really fast and hard and aggressive,” so make sure to check out the full interview.

Positive Destruction albums of 2011

The Bay Area absolutely smashed it in 2011, with some of our favorite artists releasing amazing albums, EPs and cassettes that we’ve been listening to endlessly this year. It was incredibly difficult to cull the past 12 months to our favorite 15 releases, but we did it anyway. Check them out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

15 The Sandwitches // Mrs. Jones’ Cookie

The Sandwitches //

The Sandwitches // “Joe Says”

14 Bare Wires // Cheap Perfume

Bare Wires // “Cheap Perfume”

Bare Wires // “Ready to Go”

13 King Lollipop // Woodland Whoopee Songs

King Lollipop // “Cheeseburger and Fries”

King Lollipop // “You Will Never Find Me”

12 Pamela // Pamela is Hungover

Pamela // “Lie Down (Eye Contact)”

11 Weekend // Red

Weekend // “Hazel”

Weekend // “Sweet Sixteen”

10 Wet Illustrated // Wet Illustrated

Wet Illustrated // “Gypsy Town”

Wet Illustrated // “Claws”

09 Ty Segall // Goodbye Bread

Ty Segall // “Goodbye Bread”

Ty Segall // “You Make the Sun Fry”

08 Swiftumz // Swiftumz

Hunx collaborator Christopher McVicker managed to release one of the most understated albums of the year under the moniker Swiftumz. “Don’t Trip” is an immersive collection of hazy, moving jams that transcends the limits of bedroom pop.

Swiftumz // “4EVA”

Swiftumz // “Angelita”

07 Rank Xerox // Rank Xerox

Rank/Xerox // “Sterile Regions”

Rank/Xerox // “Nausea”

06 Blasted Canyons // Blasted Canyons

Never before has an ode to weed and ice cream sounded so raw, explosive and all-together effortless.

Blasted Canyons // “Ice Cream Man”

Blasted Canyons // “Death and a Half”

05 White Fence // Is Growing Faith

White Fence // “And By Always”

White Fence // “Lillian (Wont You Play Drums?)”

04 Ty Segall // Singles 2007-2010

Ty Segall // “Bullet Proof Nothing”

Ty Segall // “The Drag”

03 Wax Idols // No Future

The debut LP by Wax Idols features singer/songwriter Hether Fortune elevating the charming pop sensibilities found on her earlier work to a complete full-length, with lyrics veering from the lovesick to the macabre.

Wax Idols // “Gold Sneakers”

Wax Idols // “Dead Like You”

02 Mikal Cronin // Mikal Cronin

This scuzzed-out compilation of pop songs marked a solid debut album from Moonhearts/Ty Segall collaborator Mikal CroninUnexpectedly wistful and incredibly catchy, this is a record we’ve been spinning endlessly.

Mikal Cronin // “Get Along”

Mikal Cronin // “Apathy”

01 Thee Oh Sees // Carrion Crawler/The Dream

Thee Oh Sees scorched through 2011, releasing two mind-blowing full-length albums and a singles only double-LP all while maintaining a frenetic touring schedule that recently concluded (with Total Control). Carrion Crawler/The Dream was announced only a few weeks after Castlemania, and proved to be the “pummeling” record John Dwyer promised it to be. An instant classic and our unequivocal favorite record of 2011.

Thee Oh Sees // “The Dream”

Thee Oh Sees // “Carrion Crawler”