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listen: Warm Soda :: “Reaction”

Listen to the first track from former Bare Wires frontman Matthew Melton’s new band Warm Soda, playing tomorrow at Brick and Mortar Music Hall with Thee Oh Sees, The Mallard, and Burnt Ones. The show’s sold out, but we’re giving away a pair of tickets.

Across the Grapevine to L.A. – Lovely Bad Things

Lovely Bad Things

Surf music is cool and all, but it’s getting hard to find a band doing something halfway creative with the genre, especially here in Southern Cal, where you can’t throw a stone without hitting some nascent surf-hybrid band or another. It comes with the territory.

La Mirada’s Lovely Bad Things aren’t exactly an exception. As this video shows, the band have the obligatory mellow surf pop thing down pat. However, the Internet yields up a couple of tracks that are decidedly more anarchic than we’re used to hearing from a scene full of bands playing mellow surf pop. The exuberant “Kevin” stitches together surf riffs, indie moxie, and sugary pop vocals into an unhinged teenaged symphony goes straight for the grime. Surf always was too clean and shiny for it’s own good, so it’s refreshing to hear a band giving it a much needed kick in the teeth.

We’re going to reserve full judgement on Lovely Bad Things until we listen to their self-titled cassette, which we ordered from Burger after getting tired of listening to this band solely through the Internet. And in case you were wondering, no, of course we couldn’t be bothered to drive 15 miles to the Burger Records store and buy it in person – this is L.A., duh. –MT

Image Credit: Lovely Bad Things

stream: Pamela // “Nobody (Cold Shoulders)”

Pamela //
“Nobody (Cold Shoulders)” 

Pamela (formed by members of The Splinters and Lilac/Wet Illustrated) put up another entry on their Bandcamp, a clashing, cathartic 90-second jam that crescendos with a sort of failed plea: “I want to open you up/But I can’t.” Look for a 7″ soon via Southpaw Records (August 15th?), and catch them tonight @ Thee Parkside in support of POW! and The Bummers (w/ Ty Segall) with Rock Ceremony — tickets here. In addition, they will be supporting the Brilliant Colors record release show, July 30th at Hair Salon (487 14th Street / cross street Guerrero) with Swiftumz and Dream Homes. More info on that show here.

Across the Grapevine to L.A. – Black Sea

(A weekly column where we take a look at the latest sounds from the Other Half of California.)

In the ocean of drone currently washing across California, it’s refreshing to hear kids making shambling indie pop in the style of super-early Slumberland groups. Black Sea of Huntington Beach have a couple of songs up on their bandcamp that put us in mind of My Bloody Valentine circa Ecstasy, only with less jangle and fuzzier edges.

“Coast” is a dreamy track with a melody sweet enough to make you forget those Field Mice singles you’ve been spinning since 1988. We love the combination of shimmery guitars, muted vocals, and melancholy tones layered over a snappy beat. With pop instincts this fierce, could Black Sea be the second coming of Lush? Maybe not, but a girl can dream. The band give themselves a cheer as the tune runs out, and it’s well-deserved. Pure, perfect pop for people who know that Pam Berry is more than just the name of a Shin’s song.

Black Sea play the Prospector in Long Beach on July 17th with SoCal favorites the Allah-Las, tommorows tulips, and Dirt Dress. Our L.A. contingent won’t be in attendance as we’ll be causing havoc in San Francisco with the rest of the PD crew, but those of you in the area should check it out. – MT

mp3: WHITE CLOUD // “Braised Cattle”

San Francisco pysch-quintet WHITE CLOUD sent us over two new tracks they released yesterday on their Bandcamp. “Braised Cattle,” the opener on the two-track single, is a primal pounder that breaks down towards the end into a sprint, moving from the  jungle to the speedway. “Alarm Clock” is the second and feature vocals that hearken a mellow Noah Lennox. Both songs clock in at just 2:16 — shorter than we’d like but probably cause we’re hooked onto the gorgeously hazed pop we have come to expect from these bros. WHITE CLOUD plays with Royal Baths (their last show before moving east), See of Bees, and Little Wings at Regional Bias 2011, thrown by our friends at TBB and hosted at the Verdi Club August 6th. Buy tickets here.

WHITE CLOUD // “Braised Cattle”

mp3: Blackbird Blackbird // “Calypso”

San Francisco synth-pop artist Mikey Maramag aka Blackbird Blackbird dropped a new song on his bandcamp earlier, titled “Calypso.” You can purchase/download it from his bandcamp here. Listen to the track below.

Blackbird Blackbird //

Bandcamp Trolling: Pamela

New track from Pamela, a Splinters side-project formed by members Ashley Thomas and Courtney Gray.

Pamela // “Too Late (Blind)”

EDIT: As Anonymous notes in the comments, guitarist Chris Nodyl from Lilac/Wet Illustrated has been added to the bands’ roster. A 7″ will also be released shortly, via our friends at Southpaw Records in addition to a 6-song tape via Brooklyn-based Whoa Whoa. Read our interview with Rob, the label-head of Southpaw, here.