What’s going on this week? (Valentine’s Day)

T.I.T.S, Uzi Rash @ Hemlock Tavern, 9pm [free vday show]

The Spyrals, Moonbell, Permanent Collection @
 The Knockout, 9pm

Rvivr, True Mutants @
Thrillhouse Records, 7pm [free]

Bart Davenport, Sam Flax, Extra Classic @
Cafe Du Nord, 9pm [7″ release show]
Terry Malts, Airfix Kits, Cocktails @
Hemlock Tavern, 9pm [record release show]
Lotus Moons, Cool Ghouls, Plant Tribe, Down Dirty Shake @ 
Stork Club, 9pm

Sydney Ducks, Neon Piss, Synthetic ID @
Benders, 9pm [7″ release show]
The Mallard, Asabov Sobelo @
Dreamers and Make Believers (14th x Guerrero), 9pm [record release]

Donovan Quinn @
Hemlock Tavern, 9pm [record release show]

Anything else?


One response to “What’s going on this week? (Valentine’s Day)

  1. Awesome Permanent Collection photo :O)

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