mp3: Woodsboro // “Pocket Comb”

by Noah Sanders

There is no deficit of reasons to love Woodsboro.   One, Woodsboro is the solo project of former Honey (the same Honey who’s former members are now in bands like Lilac and The Mallard) frontman Moses Montalvo.  Two, the song “Pocket Comb” features bass riffs and flatly enchanting vocals from both Montalvo and The Mallard’s Greer McGettrick.  Three, not one to just put out an album, Montalvo is releasing only 100 copies of the Pocket Comb 7”, with every ultra-limited copy being graced with it’s own individual album sleeve put together by some talented artist.

And most importantly “Pocket Comb” is a woozy charmer of a song.  A low-key bit of rumbling croon that finds the voices of McGettrick and Montalvo interweaving above a warm layer of fuzz, “Pocket Comb” is at once soft and subtle and sad.  If you ask me a beautiful new direction for the obviously talented Montalvo.

The Pocket Comb 7” is going to be released on Pretty Penny Records.  Head over their to see a smattering of the beautiful covers Montalvo has culled together.

Woodsboro // “Pocket Comb”

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