mp3: Magic Leaves // “Glow”

[photo by Oak El]

By Noah Sanders

Magic Leaves // “Glow”

You haven’t heard a lot about Magic Leaves yet – or their ability to dance between blistering psych rock rife with shredding guitar solos to stoner-style tropical jams to throbbing bits of classic rock homage.  You probably haven’t heard “Old Soul” yet and held on for dear life as the song dragged you back and forth across the floor.  You probably haven’t a lot of things when it comes to Magic Leaves, but now you have, and you’re better off for it.

Pick up their EP “Glow” on their Bandcamp.

Magic Leaves plays this Friday the 21st at Amnesia (RSVP here) and then again on the 7th with Portland’s White Orange.

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