mp3: Terry Malts // “Something About You”

Listen to this totally rad single off a new 7″ by Terry Malts, easily one of San Francisco’s most promising “new” bands at the moment. Something About You is out now on Midheaven and can also be purchased directly from the Malts during their upcoming tour. RSVP for a date near your city here. Slumberland says:

All three songs on “Something About You” are full of fuzzy/crunchy riffs, galloping drums and sing-along vocal hooks. The title tune speeds by at a brisk clip, full of “ooh ooh” backing vocals and classic SoCal punk vibes. “No Sir, I’m Not A Christian” is possibly the catchiest statement of atheism we’ve ever heard, 1:35 of self-determination. “Fun Night” is a current live favorite, always sure to get the kids in the crowd jumping around. Fast and furious, it’s feedback-laden guitars are the exclamation at the end of the excellent single.

Terry Malts // “Something About You”

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