preview: Day 1 of Treasure Island Music Festival

Treasure Island Music Festival turns 5 this year — it’s unquestionably the biggest year yet for the two day party on the former naval base. Historically, Treasure Island has traded in the overflowing spectacle that is Outside Lands for a more intimate setting and a gorgeous, skyline backdrop of San Francisco’s Financial District. Both OSL and TI are newcomers to the city’s musical landscape and have evolved rapidly over their short lives. Treasure Island, however, has maintained its two day, two stage genre-splitting schedule — electronic-flavored acts are on the billing for Saturday, while Sunday features “indie” artists. All set times are staggered so that you won’t have to miss any acts, either. Added bonus if you’re the type of person who can’t decide between Best Coast or Erykah Badu.

Single day and two day tickets are on sale now. Set times were recently announced — here’s our preview of what to expect the first day, Saturday, October 15th:

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15th (“Electro Day”)

[12:00-12:45] Geographer

The first set of the first day is none other than Geographer, the SF indie-pop trio. These guys frequently get compared to Radiohead but the only similarities I can see are that both bands use guitars. They headlined a sold-out Noise Pop show @ The Independent in March. Recommendation: You’re probably still at home asleep.

[12:45-1:25] Aloe Blacc

OC-raised rapper touting a degree from USC and spouting socially responsible rhymes. Recommendation: Everyone can see you slamming Jameson in line for the shuttles.

[1:30-2:15] Shabazz Palaces

Former Digable Planets member and current indie blogger love affair Ishmael Butler’s cryptic Shabazz Palaces blends hip hop grooves with elements of jazz and funk. RecommendationSometimes all it takes is a new style and an effective, yet shrouded, PR campaign.

[2:15-2:55] YACHT

Since they’ve added a couple of members to their touring band, Portland dance-duo YACHT has been tearing it up on the live circuit, including a much-heralded performance at Coachella this year. Recommendation: If you’re still hungover from last night, prepare to feel it now.

[3:00-3:45] The Naked & Famous

Great up-and-coming kiwi band. Recommendation: Why not?

[3:45-4:30pm] Battles

Battles are great. Their comeback album Gloss Drop is fun if you’re into the glitchy synth-drum thing they’ve got going on. They’ve also put out some awesome music videos this year. Recommendation: Get some ice cream.

[4:35-5:25] Dizzee Rascal

I’ll be truthful: I really don’t know much about these guys other than that they were nominated for the Mercury Prize this year alongside The xx and Wild Beasts, among others. So at the least you know they will be entertaining. Recommendation: What does Steve Albini think of the Mercury Prize?

[5:25-6:10] Buraka Som Sistema

Portuguese dance troupe that blends techno with an upbeat flavor of Angolese house music called “kuduro“, literally translated as “hard ass.” See video below for full explanation. Recommendation: Novelty-seekers rejoice.

[6:15-7:05] Chromeo

Not sure how singer/professor/bro David Macklovitch keeps his day job with Chromeo‘s busy touring schedule, but in any case this is the duo’s first appearance in the Bay Area since their packed show at Fox Theater back in February. Recommendation: Don’t give up your day job.

[7:05-7:50] Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus has maintained a hectic schedule outside of his own live shows. Having recently produced Thundercat‘s debut album, FlyLo has also been spending time alongside Thom Yorke at a host of recent events and is rumored to be working on a remix of King of Limbs in its entirety. RecommendationDig it.

[7:55-8:45] Cut Copy

Australia’s Cut Copy has had a great year. They’re latest release, Zonoscope, got slapped with the BNM label and since then they have been playing lots of music festivals and generally doing their thing. RecommendationRefill on booze before the next set.

[8:45-9:30] Death From Above 1979

First came the announcement that the  duo would reunite for Coachella, then a riot broke out at a secret DFA show @ SXSW — since then Sebastian Graingier and Jesse F. Keeler (JFK) have played a slew of dates across the world and bring their supercharged act to Treasure Island. Recommendation: Heads will explode.

[9:35-10:50] Empire of the Sun

What? Recommendation: Get some sleep – Thee Oh Sees start at noon tomorrow.

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