What’s going on this week? (we’re throwing a party)

(see Part Time @ Thee Parkside this Thursday)

Ty Segall, RTX, Heavy Cream //
New Parish, 9pm $10/$12 (18+)
La La Vasquez, Terry Malts, Pamela //
The Knockout, 9pm (21+)

Cull TV Launch Party //
John Colins Bar, 8pm $FREE
Teen Daze, Yalls, Speculator //
Public Works, 8pm $6 (21+)

White Hills, Carlton Melton, Dirty Ghosts //
Rickshaw Stop, 8pm $10/$12
Blackbird Blackbird, Radiation City, Appetite //
Bottom of the Hill, 9pm $8 (21+)
Symbolick Jews, We Are Hex, Endroit, Catharsis For Cathedral // Elbo Room, 9pm $7

Part Time, Pamela, Permanent Collection, Surf Club //
Thee Parkside, 9pm $5 (21+)
Personal and the Pizzas, Straight Arrows, Angora Debs //
The Knockout, 9pm $5 (21+)

Zounds, Culture Kids, Dadfag // Thee Parkside, 9pm $10
Th Mrcy Hot Springs, Uzi Rash, Nectarine Pie, Fut // Hemlock Tavern, 9:30pm $6 
Bare Wires, Courtney and the Crushers, Lotus Moon, Nectarine Pie, Smokestacks // Eli’s Mile High Club (Oakland), 6pm 

Peter Hook and the Light //
Mezzanine, 9pm $22
Robbers on High Street, Allah-Las, Freedom Tickler // Hotel Utah, 9pm $10
Rank/Xerox, Kitchen’s Floor, Fat History Month, Yi //
Hemlock Tavern, 9:30pm $7
Tartufi, Battlehooch, Birds & Batteries, Bare Wires, Phantom Kicks & more // Treat and 18th St., 12pm $FREE

Lumerians, Naked Lights, Infinity Riders //
Bottom of the Hill, 9pm $10


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