What’s going on this week?

[Ganglians @ Woody West]

Ovens, Culture Kids, Sourpatch //
The Knockout, 9pm $5

Heavy Hawaii, Bleached, Plateaus // Hemlock Tavern, 9pm $7
Bipolaroid, Nectarine Pie, The Shrouds // The Knockout, 9pm $7

Body Language //
Americano at Hotel Vitale (8 Mission St.), 5pm $FREE (w/rsvp)
Terry Malts, Heavy Hawaii, Bleached, Plateaus // Eli’s Mile High Club (Oakland), 6pm $5

Wooden Shjips, Night Beats // Bottom of the Hill, 9:30pm, $FREE (w/rsvp)
Moonbeams, Neat Beats, Phenswan, Tet Holiday, Equators // Stork Club (Oakland), 9pm $?

Dirty Beaches
// Clift Hotel, 9pm $FREE (w/rsvp)
Blasted Canyons, Terry Malts, POW!, DJ Al Lover // Brick and Mortar Music Hall, 8pm $8

Polar Bears, Kissing Cousins, Syn Ack // Thee Parkside, 9pm $7

Ganglians, Bright Archer, Jean Marie // Hemlock Tavern, 9pm $8
Kissing Cousins, James and Evander, Mist Giant // 
New Parish, 8pm $7/$10

Anything else?


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