super secret guest @ The Cave tomorrow?

Based on multiple not-so-secret clues, the (probable) answer to the Terry Malts’ refrain “Where is the weekend?” tomorrow will be at 3201 3rd Street (“The Cave”).
Besides the Malts, Weekend would joins fellow shoe-gazers Young Prisms  and Speculator. Show starts at 10pm, $5. You can find more details on the event page.

2 responses to “super secret guest @ The Cave tomorrow?

  1. This is also a cool photo.

  2. So if like me you’re wondering where to pick up all of this stuff, check out カチカメ方年屋 in Nishi-shinjuku. Their adedrss is 東京都新宿区西新宿3−8−1 and their phone is 3373-1111 (they don’t seem to have a website, use the above adedrss; it’s the only yellow-and-gray building around). You can get the entire list of supplies for just over 1万円, be sure to let the nice lady there know you’re volunteering.Thanks for my friend Tomoko for the tip.

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