top records of 2011.5

Some of our favorite records (full-lengths and otherwise) and songs at the mid point of 2011, most of which we have written about before. If we missed anything, let us know.

1) Blasted Canyons // Blasted Canyons

Blasted Canyons // “Death and a Half”
Blasted Canyons // “Ice Cream Man”

2) Part Time // What Would You Say?

Part Time // “I Wanna Take You Out”
Part Time // “In This Filthy City”

3) Ty Segall // Goodbye Bread

Ty Segall
// “You Make the Sun Fry”
Ty Segall // “Goodbye Bread”

4) White Fence // Is Growing Faith

White Fence // “Sticky Fruitman has Faith”
White Fence // “Lillian (Wont You Play Drums?)”

5) Thee Oh Sees // Castlemania

Thee Oh Sees // “I Need Seed”
Thee Oh Sees // “If I Stay Too Long”

6) Fresh and Onlys // Secret Walls

The Fresh and Onlys //
“Do you Believe in Destiny?”

7) Permanent Collection // Delirium

Permanent Collection // “Let it Go”

8) Art Museums // Dancing With A Hole In Your Heart

Art Museums // “Dancing with a Hole in Your Heart”

9) Grass Widow // Milo Minute

Grass Widow // “Mannequin”

10) Sonny and the Sunsets // Hit After Hit

Sonny and the Sunsets // “Teen Age Thugs”

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