Across the Grapevine to L.A. – Lovely Bad Things

Lovely Bad Things

Surf music is cool and all, but it’s getting hard to find a band doing something halfway creative with the genre, especially here in Southern Cal, where you can’t throw a stone without hitting some nascent surf-hybrid band or another. It comes with the territory.

La Mirada’s Lovely Bad Things aren’t exactly an exception. As this video shows, the band have the obligatory mellow surf pop thing down pat. However, the Internet yields up a couple of tracks that are decidedly more anarchic than we’re used to hearing from a scene full of bands playing mellow surf pop. The exuberant “Kevin” stitches together surf riffs, indie moxie, and sugary pop vocals into an unhinged teenaged symphony goes straight for the grime. Surf always was too clean and shiny for it’s own good, so it’s refreshing to hear a band giving it a much needed kick in the teeth.

We’re going to reserve full judgement on Lovely Bad Things until we listen to their self-titled cassette, which we ordered from Burger after getting tired of listening to this band solely through the Internet. And in case you were wondering, no, of course we couldn’t be bothered to drive 15 miles to the Burger Records store and buy it in person – this is L.A., duh. –MT

Image Credit: Lovely Bad Things

2 responses to “Across the Grapevine to L.A. – Lovely Bad Things

  1. A surf punk band wearing a Jaws tee. How very meta of you.

  2. Their first cassette was called “Shark Week”, so I think it’s less a case of the band trying to be meta than just having spent their formative years watching a lot of Animal Planet.