Across the Grapevine to L.A. – Black Sea

(A weekly column where we take a look at the latest sounds from the Other Half of California.)

In the ocean of drone currently washing across California, it’s refreshing to hear kids making shambling indie pop in the style of super-early Slumberland groups. Black Sea of Huntington Beach have a couple of songs up on their bandcamp that put us in mind of My Bloody Valentine circa Ecstasy, only with less jangle and fuzzier edges.

“Coast” is a dreamy track with a melody sweet enough to make you forget those Field Mice singles you’ve been spinning since 1988. We love the combination of shimmery guitars, muted vocals, and melancholy tones layered over a snappy beat. With pop instincts this fierce, could Black Sea be the second coming of Lush? Maybe not, but a girl can dream. The band give themselves a cheer as the tune runs out, and it’s well-deserved. Pure, perfect pop for people who know that Pam Berry is more than just the name of a Shin’s song.

Black Sea play the Prospector in Long Beach on July 17th with SoCal favorites the Allah-Las, tommorows tulips, and Dirt Dress. Our L.A. contingent won’t be in attendance as we’ll be causing havoc in San Francisco with the rest of the PD crew, but those of you in the area should check it out. – MT

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