Girls announce new album

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EDIT: Chris put up a twitter essay to answer some questions that have been flooding in about the new record so far:

1. The cover is yes, lyrics from the album, BUT, it’s ALL the lyrics from the album, & in proper order, just read along as it plays
2. In reply to comments, Lysandre 7 is not on because Lysandre is a full album, 7 is just track 7 from that album from Twitter
3. ‘Oh My Love’ could not be included because it is also part of another album of Country music
4. A slight mistake from Spin’s article- John Anderson, Darren Weiss, Dan Eisenberg are the other musicians on the album
5. Also the title is absolutely not in reference to my background, in any way
6. The reason ‘Record 3’ is printed as a subtitle is simply a nod to the importance of our 2nd record BDC, which was a big statement.
7. While this is our 2nd album it is our 3rd record
8. Vomit was written before any song on ‘Album’. ‘Magic’ ‘Just A Song’ & ‘My Ma’ are the most recently written
9. I fucking LOVE Emma Watson

That last one was not in reference to their new album.

Big news from current and former Girls members:  Chris Owens and Chet White will be teaming up with a new guitarist (John Anderson) and drummer (Darren Weiss) for the release of a new record, titled Father, Son, Holy Ghost and released September 13, 2011 on TPS — the second album and third record following the widely-acclaimed Broken Dreams Club EP release.

So it seems to mark the end of the Ryan Lynch era, with the surging popularity of his side-project-turned-main-project Dominant Legs swallowing up his creative attention (Dominant Legs premiered a new song today on Stereogum — listen to “Hoop of Love” here).

Here’s the actual press release:

On September 13th, 2011 San Francisco’s Girls will release their second album and third record Father, Son, Holy Ghost on True Panther Sounds and Turnstile in the UK/Europe. The album comes two years after their debut (Album), and one year after the follow-up EP (Broken Dreams Club).

On the third anniversary of the birth of Girls as a band Christopher Owens and Chet White found themselves entering the studio to begin recording their second album. More a collection of gear than a studio, recording took place in the bowels of a San Francisco office building. The two teamed up with new drummer Darren Weiss and guitarist John Anderson assembling performances and ultimately creating new music and musical relationships to carry the band through its newest incarnation.

Girls have taken what they’ve always done best and have displayed it with amazing clarity and the strongest of intent. Classic songwriting coupled with exciting production is their way. “I’m still all the same,” Owens says. “I still know I have to do it. I still love the songs and writing songs.”

Father. Son, Holy Ghost is at times ebullient and at times absolutely devastating. A truly beautiful record and the perfect amalgamation of a band’s past and present while most importantly leaving us all excited and hungry for their future.

Click HERE for cover art.

Track Listing
1. Honey Bunny
2. Alex
3. Die
4. Saying I Love You
5. My Ma
6. Vomit
7. Just A Song
8. Magic
9. Forgiveness
10. Love Like A River
11. Jamie Marie

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