What’s going on this week?

Religious Girls, Zorch, Primary Colors // Hemlock, 9pm $6

Dimples, Grandma’s Boyfriend // El Rio, 9pm $1
Moonbell, Magic Christian, Antenna // Elbo Room, 9pm $6
Maus Haus, Swahili Blonde, Gangi // Rickshaw Stop, 8pm $10
Darwin Deez, Dirty Gold, The Younger Lovers // Bottom of the Hill, 9pm $12
Tim Cohen’s Magic Trick, Shalants, Tippy Canoe // Make Out Room, 8pm $8
Hot Toddies, Luke Rathborne, White Cloud // Milk Bar, 8pm $FREE (w/ RSVP) 

The Blank Tapes, Collin Ludlow-Mattson and the Folks, The Beehavers // Amnesia, 9pm $7/$10

Limp Wrist, Drapetomania, Brilliant Colors  // El Rio, 9pm $7
DJ Primo, Heidi Alexander and Grace Cooper, Shannon Shaw // Verdi Club, 8pm $12/$15 

Washed Out, Class Actress, Chain Gang of 1974 // Great American Music Hall, 9pm $16

Ian Moore & The Lossy Coils, Bare Wires, Lotus Moons 
 // Bottom of the Hill, 9pm $12

Anything else?

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