Bandcamp Trolling: Os Ovni/Modern Witch // “Love/Desire”

Os Ovni // “Love” 
Modern Witch // “Desire” 

Tundra Dubs
is a DIY/electronic label based out of Berkeley. Early next month they will ship out a 7″ split with singles from Os Ovni — a duo now based out of Austin but with roots in San Francisco– and Modern Witch, who’s members literally live all over the world (Kristy Fenton, the vocalist, lives in Amsterdam while the rest of the band, including the producer, are in Denver). “Love,” the track from Os Ovni, features a spaced-out percussive beat, while “Desire,” on the reverse, is an ethereal dance track for ghosts. You can pre-order/stream the release over at Tundra Dubs Bandcamp.

We talk to Ben, founder of Tundra, about synth scenes around the world and overnight recording sessions.

Can you describe a little more about your label?
Ben: Tundra was started last September (2010) to highlight/focus on my real life friends primarily. I have a lot of friends that are awesome musicians/producers who hadn’t released a lot and I decided that running a label sounded like a lot of fun. It also gives me a good platform to release my own musical projects which I’ve yet to do. Tundra focuses on darker and more experimental music ranging from acts like Os Ovni to less-spacey/more structured acts like ∆AIMON and FUNERALS. I just kept hearing all this amazing music and realized that there was only maybe 2-3 labels releasing this type of music so I decided to get on board.
What’s it like working with artists that are geographically spread across the world?
Ben: It’s really interesting. It’s kind of hard because you can’t always see the artist you’re working with – it’s just harder to communicate without face-to-face interaction in my opinion. It’s opened a lot of doors, though. I get to work with people all over Europe and the United States. I learn a lot about local scenes and what life/producing music is like in different areas of the world. It also means that if and when I travel, I’ll typically have someone to show me around and hang out with.
Can you describe their Bay Area roots and the circumstances around you meeting Logan and Omebi [of Os Ovni]?
Ben: Telepathik Friend was a collective of a bunch of weirdo artists living in the Bay Area. They’ve been in existence for some time and I’m not 100% sure of the history behind them. When I was going to school for audio/music recording in Emeryville, I would put up Craigslist ads looking for bands to record during my overnight sessions (midnight to 8am). Logan and Omebi responded and sent me some YouTube videos of TF and I decided I HAD to record them. They visited the Bay Area last fall and wanted to record an Os Ovni track and I was all over it. I love their music and they’re amazing people to work with. (Check out this video for TF madness)
You also organize a monthly synth party here in San Francisco?
Ben: The monthly party I co-run is called Disculture. We’re about to do our second party this Saturday (June 18th). We hold it at this little hole-in-the-wall gay bar in SF called Truck. The owners are awesome and let us do pretty much whatever we want musically.
The party is aimed at dark synth music – witch house, minimal synth, and more left-of-center bass music. We aim to showcase local producers/performers/artists whenever we have the chance. It’s also a platform for me to promote Tundra-related artists because it’s hard to find places to play sometimes. The party is free and we’re trying to create the most welcoming, inviting vibe we can. We want people to get dressed up if they want and come dance to some good music.
Anything else?
I’m collaborating with London-based record label Robot Elephant Records on a 12″ – tentatively titled Robot Elephant vs. Tundra Dubs – this August. Each label gets five tracks on their respective side. (Robot Elephant put out a release by Oakland-based Bare Wires recently, too). Our side will feature tracks by: ∆AIMON (San Diego), FUNERALS (Columbus, OH), Zombelle (Kansas City, MO), I†† (Kentucky), and my own music project, Grimm Soundsystem. Not sure who’ll be on RE’s side. I’ve also got a tape by Clubs for Boardgames coming out June 21.
The 7″ is limited to 300 copies, so get on it. All orders include the record, which will be pressed on solid white, virgin vinyl, and will include an immediate download of both tracks. Pre-order here. Watch the video for the Os Ovni track below, which debuted yesterday.

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