video: Les Demoniaques // “Teenage Lust”

New True Panther release announced today featuring Tamaryn and Dee Dee Penny from the Dum Dum Girls as Les Demoniaques (also a gruesome Jean Rollin film with occult eroticism and delayed revenge as the main plot subtexts — check it out). The duo reworks The Jesus and Mary Chain’s ‘Teenage Lust’. The track, much like the movie, is pretty dark — the video is also NSFW, but if you’re still reading this you probably aren’t too worried about that.

From the release:

The record will be out 7.12.11 digitally and on a limited edition “postcard flexi” that comes in an offset printed poly-bag. The records are limited to 1000 copies, no repress. WORD OF WARNING: As these are essentially printed on plastic covered cardboard the sound quality is far from perfect but we like to think it adds a bit to the “vibe” (right????)

Pre-order here.

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