Philosophy and other musings

One of my main criticisms of music journalism today is the forced nature of the tastemaking. The blogosphere is such an echo chamber that one negative review by Pitchfork, or Vice, or Rolling Stone can destroy the momentum of a band in midstream. Your album reminds the writer of a college sweetheart who pined for Belle & Sebastian before pinning the redshirt quarterback onto the pooltable in the back of the frat? Fuck you, here’s a fat 3.7 / 10. There needs to be less commentary on matters of subjectivity and more recreating of experiences; I think the ideal is producing immersive content that let’s the reader explore for herself the netherworld of chordal arrangements, distortion effects, and overdrives that make up a show, a record, or a summer BBQ acoustic set — without actually being there. That’s why we’ve neglected to post album reviews, or show recaps, even though they are popular on some blogs. My opinion is just as valuable as yours, ultimately.

How does this change what we do? I’m posting photos from last night’s Vice party at Cafe Du Nord now, taken by Alex Coulter, accompanied by a haiku. That’s how show recaps will be handled from now on. The logical progression of imperfect tastemaking. 17 syllables of complete immersion.

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