What’s going on this week?

Sic Alps @ Death By Audio


Foster the People // Amoeba SF, 6pm $FREE

Social Studies,  Royal Baths, Carletta Sue Kay, Art Museums, The Sandwitches* // The Independent, 8pm $15/$50 (VIP)
Dirty Cupcakes, Paper Bags, Basements // The Knockout, 8:30pm $5

Friendly Fires, Wise Blood // The Independent, 8pm $SOLD OUT
Friendly Fires (DJ Set) // Public Works, 10pm $7/10
Sister Crayon, Excuses for Skipping, White Arrows // Milk Bar, 8pm $FREE (w RSVP)/$5
My First Earthquake, Le Vice // Cafe Du Nord, 9:30pm $10/$12

Sic Alps, Bare Wires, The Younger Lovers** // Cafe Du Nord, 8pm? $FREE (w RSVP)
Death Cab For Cutie, Lonely Forest // Fillmore, 9pm $35
Grouplove, Death Cab For Cute (DJ Set) // Rickshaw Stop, 9pm $10/$12

Buzzcocks, Images // Slim*s, 9pm $35
Shabazz Palaces Plus Special Guest // Brick & Mortar Music Hall, 9:30pm $12/$15

Black Lips, Cerebral Ballzy, Personal & the Pizzas // Great American Music Hall, 9pm $16
Shannon and the Clams, Rank/Xerox, Outdoorsmen // The Knockout, 9pm $8

The Black Ryder // Public Works, 7pm $10
Black Lips, Cerebral Ballzy, Personal & the Pizzas // Great American Music Hall, 9pm $16  CANCELLED

*This is a benefit show for Kelly Mallone, co-founder of DIY space Workshop SF and hostess of The Indie Mart. From Indie Mart: “This past April, Kelly was diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer that had spread to non-localized areas as a result of previous battles. This latest diagnosis requires a treatment path that will far exceed her financial abilities and lack of insurance, and most likely require her to take a hiatus from her businesses.” There are VIP tickets for $50 that come with food from some of my favorite restaurants along the Divis corridor, Little Star and Bar Crudo.

**VICELAND Party curated by the Thermals. RSVP required, 21+.

//Christopher Owens talks to FADER about Twitter essays and Emma Forrest.

//Royal Baths make Night Fog Reader a mix. Digging the Zombies track. Check it out here.

//”When the reckoning comes, there will be few musicians who will compare as commentators on social strife, racism and the lot of American ghetto dwellers.” R.I.P. Gil-Scott Heron.

2 responses to “What’s going on this week?

  1. A couple problems: You missed the Detroit Cobras, the second Black Lips show, the Dirty Cupcakes on Tuesday, and that Wire thing is not a Wire show. Just something called “Wire.”

  2. Appreciate the tips. We aren’t gunning to list every show (that’s what The List is for), so our curated events may appear to lack certain shows. In any case I added the Dirty Cupcakes show and the second BL date.

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