mp3 premiere: The Tambo Rays // “Itchy Eyes” & “Doubt”

[Photo credit: Justin Lamb]

With a slew of buzzing, jangled-out tracks available on their Soundcloud and a music video that was recently featured by sister blog The Bay Bridged, fresh-faced newcomers The Tambo Rays are poised to become summer staples on the San Francisco bar crawl. We talk to singer/lyricist Brian DaMert about man stamps and Ellen DeGeneres.

The Tambo Rays // “Itchy Eyes”

The Tambo Rays // “Doubt”

1.  “The total combined erect penis length of the three members is a solid and reliable 18.95 inches. Round up on a good day.”

2. “Sammy [the drummer] has a ‘man stamp’, the male equivalent to the ‘tramp stamp,’ located in the pelvic region just below his belly.  He lost a drinking bet to a tattoo artist. Naturally, this is why his man stamp is a PBR logo.”

3. “Ashton Kutcher and Ellen DeGeneres have more Twitter followers than the entire population of Ireland, Norway and Panama.  We have 20.”

1. “Gucci Mane – It’s Alive ( Feat Swizz Beats) ( Funkineven Remix). Up until two weeks ago I had never even heard a Gucci Mane song. Then my sister burned me this mixtape compiled by Sinden featuring various British bass producers and it has been on repeat ever since. I don’t know why but this song causes me to bike and drive more recklessly than usual which is bad because I don’t have a license or helmet.”

Gucci Mane // “It’s Alive” ( Feat Swizz Beats) ( Funkineven Remix) [mp3]

2.Darker My Love- Post Mortem, Post Boredom. From the very start this song has straight up vibe. I’m a big enthusiast of interesting vocal effects and unique harmonies and this song has great examples of both. To me, the effects and layers a singer puts on their voice are almost as important as the part itself.”

Darker My Love // “Post Mortem, Post Boredom” [mp3]

1. “To write perfect pop songs.”

[hat tip to Pinglewood for the interview format]

One response to “mp3 premiere: The Tambo Rays // “Itchy Eyes” & “Doubt”

  1. Sick tunes. funny interview.

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