New content // announcements // housecleaning // etc.

First of all, thank you to all from reddit that joined us today from the San Francisco subreddit. We easily surpassed our one-day visit record. Hopefully many of you will stick around for future posts. Feel free to add us to your RSS reader of choice.

Secondly, and because I received some tips today due to point number (1),  I added some new links to the side bar. We want to encourage people to submit songs/tracks/events for bands that we may not have heard. Although we are focused primarily on garage-influenced music, I will listen to everything that is sent.

Thirdly, and perhaps most excitingly, we are partnering with Out of Focus TV, a local video blog that specializes in recording shows live in high quality audio and HD video. The guys at Out of Focus currently post their videos to their awesome Youtube channel, including the clip posted below from the Ty Segall/Strange Boys show at The Verdi Club back in March. They too have a garage-music focus, so we’d recommend readers who enjoy our content to check them out. We will be featuring more of their work when we begin posting show reviews next week.

Check back soon.

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