Bandcamp Trolling: Volume 1 Edition 1

Bandcamp is an amazing website. For aspiring musicians, or even those more established, the ability to upload your tracks and have the Bandcamp servers stream, sell, and sort them into most audio formats is highly preferable to the clunky, monolithic “Internet Explorer” of digital music stores, iTunes. With more bands embracing the DIY ethic of self-production (how many bedroom genres are there now?), and the wildly successful In Rainbows experiment proving that, no, music consumers aren’t hellbent on destroying the industry one torrent at a time, Bandcamp seems to be the logical follow-through for the “democratization” of music. Pay what you wish and listen to what you want, whenever.

The appeal is obvious. There is no surprise, then, that many bands from the Bay– home of the DIY punk movement, coffee collectives, and more arts & crafts festivals than colors of the rainbow — call Bandcamp home, including Blackbird Blackbird, Gobble Gobble, The Spyrals, Judgement Day, and The Blank Tapes. The fact is, there is a shit ton of music on bandcamp outside of the known music blogging universe. A lot of it comes from San Francisco. So every week, I think I’ll spend a working day diving into Camp and pulling some Bay Area tracks that I thought were interesting:

The Spyrals // Black Clouds
Garage/Psychedelic, just released a cassette tape thereby matching the era of their music.

Post AD // Deciio
‘This album was released on my 30th birthday’, John Ricksen writes. Happy birthday John, enjoy the gift to yourself. Bedroom pop.

Painted Palms // All of Us
Sounds like Of Montreal. Probably why they are opening for Of Montreal at the Fillmore May 13th.

Giraffage // Waste Yr Time

The Blank Tapes // Silverado
Alt/folk rockers from the City, played at Great American last month. From a recent live album.

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