A Method to his (Quiet) Madness

photo credit: Bryce Toshiro Bishari

Jamie Reilley collects sounds in a way that many aspiring socialites collect friends: with distinction, and perhaps a refined taste for what is entertaining but not too bawdy. The San Francisco resident via Martinez cites the Beastie Boys as the only band from his high school days that still influences his work — though the casual listener might find that reference odd, as his jams sound more like a Air B-Side recorded by Bradford Cox than something ripped off of Hello Nasty.

“I’m only passionate about making music when I’m feeling really good,” Jamie explains. “Or really sad. Go figure, I know. But it completely translates into two sounds for me — tracks like Welcome To where I obviously want to be dancing and feeling good. My other sound goes another route that is more emotionally driven.”

Tucked away in his downtown apartment on the intersection of Bush and Stockton, Jamie works full-time as an illustrator when he isn’t toying with his drum machine and MIDI controller. “I use Reason 5, Record, Cubase, and mix everything with Ableton. I really just want to play the piano, though, I don’t like doing everything alone. ” Between throwing solo tracks up on a WordPress filled with other musings, including a soft remix of Radiohead’s Nude that features an interloping guitar to match Thom’s haunting refrains, Jamie mentions a possible collaboration with friends from across the Bay Area. “As big of a Flying Lotus fan I am, I’m not a fan of a guy up there [on the stage] twisting nobs and hitting the spacebar on a Macbook Pro. I want to see real instruments on the stage played by good musicians. My passion is sharing this with my friends.”

Jamie is not entirely sure when a new band may take formation, but he hints it will probably take place later this year. Until then, he has counted on the efforts of a friend, a local sound engineer, to help master his tracks. “I can only describe this as practice for what I hope to be something greater and better with a friend or two, or four, in the future.” If his solo work is any indication, that sound will be highly anticipated around these parts.


The Method Acceptance // Welcome to
Radiohead // Nude (The Method Acceptance remix)

Check out his wordpress, including more tracks, here.

One response to “A Method to his (Quiet) Madness

  1. Great photo of you, Jamie! Good seeing u the other day, hope all is well!

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