What happened to Sacramento?

Stereogum had a small writeup on the Sacramento two-piece band Hella today in which the writer of a less-than-favorable review of their album, There’s No 666 in Outer Space, meekly justifies his SPIN piece while simultaneously lavishing praise on the band’s new effort, a 10 track yet-to-be-named album.  You can listen to the first track of the record, which could be described as a No Age jam session after a road trip listening to nothing but Amputechture, here. The state’s capital, home to about 500,000 residents, has never been recognized as a hotbed of indie talent, and in some ways has been historically overshadowed by the small, yet vibrant music scene 35 miles south, in Stockton. In many ways I think Sacramento doesn’t really mind, and would rather play host to an underground tuvian throatsinging bluegrass metal scene than what most people would recognize as “indie” today. Which is not to say that you can’t see a good show in Sac — Blue Lamp, Fox and Goose, Old I are all more than decent clubs that book local indie acts and other bands slogging through central California.

Which is to preface everything that follows: several legit bands still call Sacramento home. Ganglians, Pregnant, and Appetite, three bands hailing from the 916, have all been quietly churning out very listenable stuff, which in turn has fed into several of the larger Bay Area online music outlets that are eager to pick up anything from east of the Altamont. Ganglians in particular. Their third LP, Still Living, which would be an appropriate title of an article detailing the Sacramento music scene in general, has been featured on GVB, Stereogum, and other music blogs that do not claim geographical boundaries. “Refined weirdness” is how their sound has been described — not surprising considering  the input of Robby Moncrieff (who recorded Dirty Projectors’ Bitte Orca). You can listen to their single off the record, which was included in the April mix, below:

Ganglians // Jungle

Still Living comes out 8/23. Preorder here and maybe score one of the first 50 cassette tapes.
We probably won’t ever know why more bands don’t call Sacramento home, but it probably has to do with the fact that it’s 91 degrees today. And who the fuck wants to play in a garage when its 91 outside?

Listen to more Sacramento music below:

Pregnant // Wiff of a Father

Appetite // Anonymous Citizens

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